Custom Pins Made Easy
Over the last 17+ years we have produced nearly a thousand custom pin designs for REALTORS® and REALTOR Associations, why not count on us for your next order?

Many, if not most, of the pins you see REALTORS® wear were created by Team Store. We are experts at taking the complex process of designing and manufacturing a custom pin and turning it into a simple pain free experience, resulting in a pin you are very proud to distribute. 

Why Team Store for your Pin Needs:

  • Members tell us all the time we have the best magnetic backings. Don't ask your recipients to continue to put holes in all their fine garments
  • Free experienced US based design work, the right design is everything
  • Low 50 Piece Minimum (best pricing starts at 150)
  • Free Pre-production sample
  • The quality of our pins is second to none, we always use thick metal and we try to avoid printing whenever we can
  • When you buy from us, a percentage of your purchase goes back to NAR through the REALTOR Benefits® program.

Request a quote on custom pins from us today!

Price: Email us to start the process

    • Pricing

      50-74 pieces: $5.10 each
      75-149 pieces: $4.12 each
      150-299 pieces: $2.61 each
      300-499 pieces: $2.26 each
      500-999 pieces: $2.18 each
      1000-2499 pieces: $2.03 each
      2500-4999 pieces: $1.90 each
      5000-9999 pieces: $1.61 each

      Add $0.37 for magnetic backing (highly recommended)

    • Setup charge

      Pins with Only Enamel Colors:
      50-74 pieces: $100
      75-2499 pieces: $75
      2500+ pieces: No Charge
      No setup charge for reorders

      Pins with Screenprinting:
      50-74 pieces: $125
      75-2499 pieces: $100
      2500+ pieces: No Charge
      No setup charge for reorders

    • Shipping
      Estimated shipping is about $12-$15 per 1000 pins
    • Delivery
      Allow 2-5 days for the design phase 
      Allow about 3-5 weeks for an optional pre-production sample
      Once you approve the sample, allow about 4-6 weeks for final order production
      Note: Expect a 2-3 week delay for all orders placed in January/February due to Chinese New Year
    • Pre-Production Sample
      When you place your order we can optionally request the factory produce a pre-production sample for you to approve before we run the entire order of pins
      Doing a sample adds $10 to your shipping cost
      Doing a sample adds about 3-5 weeks for production of the sample
      Any changes made to the order after the sample will usually require an additional die charge(s)
    • Artwork
      We do not charge any kind of artwork or design fee to create your design. The artwork time and skills we invest are a big part of our "Secret Sauce" that results in awesome looking pins.  We will not begin the design process and pay a "USA-based Graphic Designer" (expensive) until we have a firm commitment to order. If you cancel your order, there will be a cancelation fee based on the artwork time we invested. This is not like designing a postcard, we have to to account for the small product size, the minimum metal thicknesses, the minimum enamel areas, metal walls between all valleys of color, and spin-casting efficiency when designing a good lapel pin.