This 8000mAh battery can charge in three ways.  First, this battery includes a wireless charging pad that will charge most phones made since 2018 without any wires. Second, this battery contains a 2.1 amp charging port.  Third, this battery contains a 1.0 amp charging port, allowing you to charge three devices at once. Includes an easy on/off switch and 4 LED lights to tell you how charged the battery is.  

When fully charged, this battery contains enough "juice" to fully charge two to three modern phones.

Price: $29.99




     Price Each 

    • Product Size: 6" x 3" x 0.6"
    • Product Color: Black with off-white engraving
    • Logo: REALTOR® Word Mark
    • Packaging: Individual tuck flap box
    • Ships from: Palatine, IL