Simplify your life with this wireless charging pad. This charger uses the Qi charging system, so you simply set your phone on this base and it will begin charging. No need to plug any wires into your phone to charge it. Blue LED lights make the entire piece glow to give a visual confirmation that your phone is charging. The future is here with wireless charging.

VERY IMPORTANT: Only works with Qi compatible phones. Compatible phones include the iPhone 8, iPhone X, Samsung S6 or newer, and most Android based phones manufactured in the last few years.

This charger WILL not work with all phones, it is your responsibility to ensure this product will work with your phone. Check your phone manufacturer to ensure it supports Qi charging before purchasing. This will not work with any iPhone other than the 8, 8+ and x. It will also not work if you have a thick phone case, as it blocks electrical connectivity to your battery.


Availability: Discontinued

Price: $3.99

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